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Dr. MRod (Me) is a board certified Anesthesiologist and Inorganic Chemist with a variety of interests, some of which are shared in the form of this blog. My love for chemistry started at UCLA in the early 2000s where I earned a BS degree in Biochemistry, MS Degree in Solid-State Inorganic Chemistry, and served as president of the UCLA chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma, the chemistry fraternity. I have worked as an organic chemistry lab instructor and worked with NASA-JPL in the thermoelectrics division. 

I attended medical school at UC San Diego School of Medicine; my experience was quite unique as during my first year as a medical student, I was diagnosed with Leukemia and would be in treatment for the remainder of my medical school education. After being cured of my cancer by the wonderful Dr. Castro at UCSD Moore’s Cancer Center and graduating medical school; I spent some time exploring myself. I took up riding a motorcycle, I learned to skydive solo, and learned to scuba dive, among other things. Most importantly during this time, I met my wife, who had also been treated for a blood cancer at Moore’s Cancer Center.

After having lived in Los Angeles and San Diego all of my life, I wanted to explore the other coast of the US. I did a surgery internship at Cornell-New York Hospital Queens in New York and my anesthesiology residency at Tufts Medical Center in Boston. After graduating from residency, I stayed on as faculty at Tufts and work there to this day.

My current interests include cycling, 3D printing, gadgets, and have recently returned to producing small videos, a major hobby from high school and early college. 

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