Anesthesia to the rescue….. In a flash!

Due to an unfortunate workplace injury, my friend, colleague, and anesthesia intensivist, the great Pavan Sekhar, MD, needed to use a knee scooter for a few months. In order to better facilitate his job, I designed and 3D printed an organizer for his scooter to allow for better organization and delivery of drugs, procedural equipment, and caffeine.

Here is the design that I conceived of in CAD:

The model contains places for drug vials, syringes, a box of epinephrine, small misc items, and large misc items, as well as a central cup holder for convenient infusion of intensivist caffeine.

Due to Dr. Sekhar’s affinity of the Marvel and DC universes, plus the speed at which he zoomed around the ICU on his scooter, I added a flash emblem to encompasss these traits. I sliced the flash emblem in PrusaSlicer to be used on a Prusa i3 MKS multi-material extruder setup to allow for multicolor printing without intervention.

The Prusa MMU2 utilizes a filament manifold to allow for multicolor 3D Printing.

I printed the box component at 0.3 mm height in PETG for strength and the flash emblem at 0.2 mm layer height in PLA for detail. Here is the final product:

Dr. Sekhar was happy with the final product and it will hopefully improve his organization and provide him with a few extra seconds during emergencies when seconds count!