Its a Sign

The chief of my department approached me about the lack of a sign on the intensivist’s call room.

Rather than wait 6 months for facilities management to provide a new sign he requested that I design and 3D print one instead. Since the call room is in a non-patient accessible area, I decided to add some mild humor to the sign. Here is the initial design that I came up with:

To make this a quick project I utilized some open source resources. I obtained the defibrillator SVG pictogram from where it was listed as public domain. I utilized the free to use IMAGEtoSTL converter to convert the SVG file to STL, then imported into my project. I could not find quality ECG vector images of ventricular tachycardia/sinus rhythm so I imported some ECG images into photoshop and isolated the lines; I then used IMAGEtoSTL again to produce STL images of the rhythms and imported into my project. This is the first project that I used an automated raster to vector converter and it worked surprisingly well on the ECG lines.

I sliced the image in Prusaslicer and printed on a Prusa i3 MK3s+ at 0.3 mm layer height in black and white Hatchbox brand PLA.

The print came out well and I affixed it to the call room door:

My chair was happy with the result.