Lego Minifig Anesthesiologist.

What better addition to your office knick knacks than a Lego Minifig anesthesiologist. Unfortunately, the only available minifigs are generic doctors; no accessories are available to indicate our noble profession. I started with the Lego “surgeon” minifig and planned to create my own Lego sized laryngoscope. I found a 3D model on Thingiverse by user Mvetto labelled laryngoscope pendant to start with. I edited the proportions to fit a minifig hand and exaggerated the size of the blade to make it the model somewhat comical. Here is the result, a custom anesthesiologist minifig. 


You can find the minifig on Amazon: Link

If you’re interested in anesthesia and operating room lego builds, the flickr account of canadian anesthesiologist Lucie Filteau has some really cool setups: Here