3D Printed Emergency Drug Tray for Endoscopy Suite

Due to the popularity of my OB 3D Printed Emergency Drug Tray, members of my department asked if I could help standardize an emergency drug tray for the endoscopy suite. I polled the CRNAs and attendings that frequently work in endoscopy and made a layout that would include all the important and frequently used drugs to have on hand. Since I had previously measured the sizes and created layouts for all of the drugs in my previous emergency drug tray, creating the new model was straightforward.

3D Model Design:undefined
I Printed the Components in 2 parts so that I could have 2 distinct colors: 1 for paralytics (Succinylcholine in this case) and 1 for the other emergency medications. The halves were simply glued together with some standard cyanoacrylate glue. I added non-slip feet to the bottom so the tray can be removed from the drawer and placed on top of the cart if desired.

Final implemented product:undefined